Waste Not, Want Not!

Have you dejunked your e-waste as yet?  No?  Well neither have we! ;-)

But here is a reminder to all of us to get rid of our e-waste now.  And it cannot be easier than this.  The collection centre, the HQ of Goa’s only e-waste disposal company – authorised by the Goa State Pollution Control Board – and the company’s CEO are all situated here in the village.

Never heard the good news before?…then you must read it now! (Click image to enlarge and read)

Ashley Delaney’s Group 10+ in Abreovaddo, Saligao, is also the collection point for Tetrapaks which are then sent for recycling.  We have a whole pile of those too from friends in south Goa.

Ashley also some times has waste that is immediately reusable, like a ethernet/LAN switch he salvaged and shared with us some time back, after we put out a request on another listserv.  (Actually, that switch gave up the ghost some time back, so if you come across something similar, Ashley, please drop us a line.)  Saligaokars who need computer related spares, do check out with him.

We had also suggested to an IT student, Joseph Ribeiro of Grande Morod, to work with Ashley and attempt to assemble PCs from the waste that comes in, putting in whatever new components are needed.  This would promote the Reuse-Reduce-Recycle lifestyle, as well as give first-time computer users a machine at reduced costs, while still making it a profitable exercise for Joseph and Ashley.

Contact Ashley Delaney @:
Devine Computers
Abreovaddo, Saligao, Bardez, Goa.
Ph: 9823118321 / 9373521448 (office)

…and please send out the attachment to everyone on your Goa address list.   It will be your little effort to save Goa and save the planet.

Warm regards and solidarity.


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