Save Saligao: Urgent Appeal!

 [Scanned images of original, signed appeal, at the end of this message...]

Dear Saligaokars, Saligao lovers and well wishers,

Garbage has been killing Saligao, Goa from 1987.

For 27 years, unsegregated, coastal and hotel garbage has been dumped in a huge, 60-foot-deep, empty laterite quarry on the Saligao-Calangute plateau. It has polluted the mineral, Salmona spring in Saligao, as well as springs in Calangute and Candolim. Today, spring and well water there, is unfit for drinking.

With each monsoon, the bubbling, toxic soup in the garbage-filled laterite quarry on our plateau, percolates the whole aquifer and contaminates the entire volume of water there. This contaminated, mineral water then feeds the springs and wells of the 3 villages at the foot of the plateau. Wells in Arrarim are also contaminated.

Public health is at risk, because the garbage attracts foxes, wild dogs, rodents, cockroaches, flies and other insects, crows, vultures, egrets and sadly, village goats, cattle and dogs. Toxic, cancer-causing fumes from burning garbage and stench from from rotting hotel food pollutes the air, making life unbearable and dangerous for villagers.

To make matters worse, the state govt. insists on installing a Solid Waste Treatment Facility (SWTF) at the same site. A massive landfill will take 10 tonnes of processed biodegradeable waste per day, for 10 years.  Plant and landfill, both are a potential danger to the 3 villages.

For over 2 months, from the 27 October till the 29 December 2013, Saligaokars have been trying to dialogue with the government to shift its proposed Solid Waste Treatment Facility (SWTF) from its present dangerous location to a safer place, a mere 700 mts. away.

All efforts, including an online petition have so far gone in vain.

That is when the SCCC decided to file a Writ Petition in the High Court of Bombay in Goa.  A formal resolution was also passed at their January, General Body Meeting.  See Resolution at the end of the appeal.

So far, Legal Notices have been sent to the govt. asking them if they have anything to say before we actually go in a Writ.  Deafening silence, has been the expected reply.  So as soon as have enough funds, we will actually file the Writ.

Since January, we have been collecting funds from only among ourselves, and have so far managed Rs. 91,000/-

But we need at least Rs. 400-500,000/- (4-5 lakhs) for a total legal battle, because the govt. has hidden plans which we will have to combat for a long time to come.

Read the details of the appeal inline or in the attachment.  It is the original, signed document by the SCCC…

…and please be generous with your village.  With Goa.  With the planet.

Warm regards and solidarity.

Muriel & Mario.

sccc_appeal_funds_for_writ_petition_170714-1 sccc_appeal_funds_for_writ_petition_170714-2 sccc_appeal_funds_for_writ_petition_170714-3 sccc_appeal_funds_for_writ_petition_170714-4 sccc_appeal_funds_for_writ_petition_170714-5

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