Rider – Narendra Parsekar of Mollembhat – Dies In Saligao…

Dear Saligaokaram,

For over a quarter of a century, sections of Saligao, especially those living along the infamous ChogM Road, have been pleading for speed breakers there, from Mollembhat to the Calangute Police Station.

Political interference has kept this from happening.  Because we lived there for over 20 years, we have seen our Saligaokars, our pets and our cattle mowed down by speeding traffic, often in front of our eyes.  Drugged and drunk tourists, as well as those visitors rushing to catch a chunk of the often sleazy coastal action, ride like there is no tomorrow.  Those Saligaokars who have come under their frenzied wheels have already reached their tomorrow, in the next world.

“This is a highway on which we cannot have speed breakers”, we were told by erstwhile politicos.

First, this is not a highway.  Second, even on National Highway 17 between Goa and Mumbai, there are speed breakers at every village.  Alto Porvorim, Sangolda and Saligao are densely populated villages on this road.  This is a village road and village life in these areas need to be protected.

We cannot have our ‘honoured guests’ barging into our hospitality and then expressing their gratitude, by regularly battering a few of us into the next life…like 2 motorcycle-borne tourists did to Narendra Parsekar, on the same ChogM Road death trap, a mere 20 mts. away from his home in Mollembhat.

So, as one of the items on the list that some of us are putting together, can we include safety features on our roads?

Warm regards and solidarity.


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