15th September is International Day of Democracy

Dear Saligaokaram,

As the International Day of Democracy, Sept. 15 is indeed an auspicious day to start contributing to Saligao.org.  Just now, Saligao is in the process of democratically deciding development issues that will affect the future of the village and its environment, for generations.

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Dear Saligaokaram,

“A strengthened voice gives you more control of your destiny.  It draws a following and supports effective political organization.  It also helps translate your desires and the desires of others into good government for all.

Let us strengthen our voices in Saligao: Gram Sabhas, Waste Treatment Plant, village development…whatever.

Warm regards and solidarity in strengthening grassroots democracy.


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Do GOACAN a favour, circulate this email to your
family members, relatives, neighbours and friends.
Help CONSUMERS to be better informed about
the impact of SOCIAL ISSUES on their lives.
15th Sept is International Day of Democracy
2013 Theme: Strengthening Voices for Democracy
Source: GOA DESC Social Issues Calendar 2013
11 Liberty Apts., Feira Alta, Mapusa, Goa 403 507

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